Exhibiting at EuroSimE Graz

The 2023 exhibitor manual provides you with
necessary information about exhibition conditions.
  • table top exhibition
  • 2500€ net
  • includes full access for 2 delegates

Sponsoring EuroSimE Graz ?

The sponsorship brochure details our new conditions
for financial partnering with EuroSimE.
  • Gold sponsorship: 4500€, includes 1 free pass
  • Silver sponsorship: 2000€, includes 1 free pass
  • Bronze sponsorship: 1000€
  • Tailored marketing collaboratiob: 2000€+ (e.g. for collaborative projects)

Your contacts:

Dr. Przemyslaw Gromala, chair of sponsorship committee
Przemyslawjakub.gromala @ de.bosch.com

Dr. Martin Niessner, co-chair of sponsorship committee
martin.niessner @ infineon.com

Dr. Peter Fuchs, local organizer EuroSimE 2023
peterfilipp.fuchs @ pccl.at

Olivier de Saint Leger, financial producer and organiser
olivier.desaintleger @ eurosime.org

Technical sponsor


IEEE Electronics Packaging Society

EPS is the IEEE “technical sponsor”
publishing EuroSimE papers accepted for publication in Xplore.

Graz 2023 sponsors and exhibitors: