Robert Bosch


Exhibitor Manual

The 2023 exhibitor manual provides you with necessary information about exhibition conditions.

Sponsoring EuroSimE ?

See sponsorship brochure detailing our new conditions for financial partnering with EuroSimE.

Technical sponsor


IEEE Electronics Packaging Society

EPS is the IEEE “technical sponsor”, managing publication of EuroSimE papers accepted for publication in Xplore.

Financial sponsors Malta 2022

Robert Bosch


Your contacts:

Dr. Przemyslaw Gromala,
chair of sponsorship committee

Dr. Martin Niessner,
co-chair of sponsorship committee

Dr. Peter Fuchs,
Local organizer EuroSimE 2023

Olivier de Saint Leger
Financial production and logistics

Organisations and bodies having exhibited over the past years

Abaqus – Altair Engineering – AMIC GmbH – Amitronics GmbH – Ansys Europe – Berliner Nanotest – Cadfem GmbH – Chemnitzer Werkstoffmechanik GmbH –
Compaq France – Comsol – CREMSI – Dantec Dynamics – Delft Centre for Mechatronics and Microsystems – Dynardo – EPoSS – Epsilon Ingénierie – FE-design – Flomerics –
Fluent – Fraunhofer IKTS –  FRT GmbH – Infinite Simulation Systems – IMEC – Insidix – Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia – IPCEI Project –
ISQ – LMS – Mentor Graphics – MSC Software – EC project MorGaN – Noesis Solutions – Inutech – Siemens – Simulia – STMicroelectronics – TNO – Wissel Instruments.