Short courses are free if you attend the conference.

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Payment modes: VISA/MASTERCARD, bank wire.

Conference pricing

Normal price

660 €

IEEE member or speaker, chairman, reviewer

10% reduction 595 €

Any Short Course(s) are included

0 €

Conference fee is waived for previous year awards winners and speakers of Industry Keynotes Session attending only Monday.
Please note that EuroSimE does not pay for your travel and accomodation costs !

Short Courses pricing in case you do not attend the conference

Any course

280 €

Reduction for PhD student


Additional items

Supplemental seat to Monday dinner

50 €

Cancellation policy

  • 95% of total amount will be refunded to you if requested by March 15, 2019 latest (5% retained to compensate for bank charges, administrative costs and already ordered items).
  • After March 15, 2019, we are committed with the venue(s) and other contractors and no refund will be done.