From 2004 till 2024, EuroSimE was financially produced and organised by Astefo sarl, France, under the supervision of the EuroSimE Steering Committee.

From 2025, logistics will be organised by Martina Creutzfeldt, mcc Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH

Steering Committee

General chair:

Willem van Driel (Signify, The Netherlands)

Technical Program Committee:

  • Kouchi Zhang (TU Delft, The Netherlands) : Keynotes
  • Bart Vandevelde (IMEC, Belgium): thermomechanical track
  • Véronique Rochus (IMEC, Belgium): multiphysics track
  • Peter Rodgers (The Petroleum Institute, UAE): thermofluidics track
  • Mike Röllig (Fraunhofer Institute IKTS, Germany): posters

Journals Committee:

  • Hélène Frémont (IMS Université Bordeaux, France)
  • Véronique Rochus (IMEC, Belgium)

Exhibition Committee:

  • Przemyslaw Gromala (Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany)
  • Alexandru Prisacaru (Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany)

Short Courses Committee:

  • Roseanne Duca (STMicroelectronics, Malta)

Communication Committee:

  • open

Award Committee

  • Sven Rzepka (Fraunhofer Institute ENAS, Germany)

Industry Liaison Committee

  • Martin Niessner (Infineon, Germany)
  • Matthias Heimann (Siemens, Germany)
  • Przemyslaw Gromala (Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany)

Production and organization:

  • Olivier de Saint Leger (Astefo, France)

Technical Committee

Andersson, D. R. IVF – Sweden
Bailey, C. University of Greenwich – UK
Calabretta, M. STM – Italy
Chiang, K. National Tsing Hua University/ITRI – Taiwan
Corigliano, A. Politecnico di Milano – Italy
Dasgupta, Abhijit, University of Maryland – USA
Dijk, van, Marius, Fraunhofer Institute IZM – Germany
Driel, van W., Signify – The Netherlands
Dudek, R. Fraunhofer Institute ENAS – Germany

Eveloy, V. The Petroleum Institute -UAE
Fan, X.J. Lamar University – USA
Frémont, H. IMS Université Bordeaux, France
Gao, Feng, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA

Gonzalez, M. IMEC – Belgium
Hanreich, G. Vienna University of Technology – Austria

Jansen, K. TU Delft – The Netherlands
Koh, S., Huawei, China
Lall, P. Auburn University
Lee, R. Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Technology – China

Messina, Angelo Alberto STM – Italy

Perpinya, X, Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica – Spain
Plaza, J.A., Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica – Spain
Poshtan, E. Robert Bosch – Germany
Rantala, J. Nokia – Finland
Rochus, V. IMEC – Belgium
Rogers, P. The Petroleum Institute – UAE

Rejaei, B., Delft University of Technology – The Netherlands
Rovitto, M., STMicroelectronics – Italy
Rzepka, S. Fraunhofer ENAS – Germany
Sabry, M.N. Université Française d’Egypte – Egypt
Sitaraman, S. K. Georgia Tech – USA
Vandevelde, B., IMEC – Belgium
van Dijk, M., Fraunhofer IZM Berlin – Germany
van Soestbergen, M., NXP Semiconductors – The Netherlands
Vellvehi, M.H., Centre Nacional de Microelectrònica (CNM) – Spain
Vinciguerra, V., STMicroelectronics Catania – Italy
Wang, Bo Ping, Univ. of Texas at Arlington – USA
Weide-Zaage, K., IMS Hannover University – Germany
Wiese, S. Saarland University – Germany
Yang, D., Guilin University, China
Zhang, Guang-Ping, Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science/ Institute of Metal Research (IMR), Chinese Academy of Sciences – China
Zhang, G.Q. Philips Lighting, Delft University of Technology -The Netherlands
Zhong Zhaowei, Nanyang Technology University – Singapore
Zhou, J. Lamar University – USA