Special session Short Course: Ageing Phenomena in Polymers and Effects on Microelectronics Reliability 08:30 Servanty (3rd floor) Sunday April 15 2018
Chaired by Dr. Ole Hölck, Dr. Hans Walter, Marius van Dijk
08:30 Part 1

Special session Short Course: Thermal Modelling and Characterization of Electronic Systems 08:30 Daurat (3rd floor) Sunday April 15 2018
Chaired by Peter Rodgers
08:30 Part 1
10:30 Coffee break

Special session Short Course: Ageing Phenomena in Polymers and Effects on Microelectronics Reliability 10:45 Sunday April 15 2018
Chaired by Dr. Ole Hölck, Dr. Hans Walter, Marius van Dijk
10:45 Part 2

Special session Short Course: Thermal Modelling and Characterization of Electronic Systems 10:45 Sunday April 15 2018
Chaired by Peter Rodgers
10:45 Part 2

Special session 90mn Short Course: New challenges on packaging roadmap 14:00 Servanty (3rd floor) Sunday April 15 2018
Chaired by Prof. Christopher Bailey
14:00 90mn course
15:30 Coffee break

Special session 90mn Short Course: Material characterization and modeling for new packaging technologies for harsh environment 16:00 Servanty (3rd floor) Sunday April 15 2018
Chaired by Dr. Przemyslaw Jakub Gromala
16:00 90mn course
09:00 Welcome by W. van Driel

Special session Industry keynotes 09:10 Amphitheater Cassiopée Monday April 16 2018
Chaired by
09:10 Automotive Electronics Reliability, Simulation and Validation Udo Jauernig, Bosch GmbH
09:40 Reliability in Complex Autonomous Systems Shalabh Tandon, Intel
10:10 Coffee break

Session 1 Technical Keynotes 10:30 Cassiopée Monday April 16 2018
Chaired by Chris Bailey, Peter Rodgers
10:30 30mn Keynote presentation – Microfluidics for the Thermal Control of Photonics Integrated Circuits
Jeff Punch, Stokes Laboratories, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland
11:00 30mn Keynote presentation – Prognostics and health management: current state-of-the-art for optimizing aircraft structural maintenance
Christian Gogu, Université de Toulouse – Institut Clément Ader
11:30 30mn Keynote presentation – Physics-Based Accelerated Qualification for Rigid and Flexible Electronics
Suresh K. Sitaraman, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA
12:00 30mn Keynote presentation – Perspectives of Water Effects in Polymers from Molecular Dynamics
Nancy Iwamoto, Honeywell

12:30 Lunch

Session 2 Solder Joint Reliability 14:00 Cassiopée Monday April 16 2018
Chaired by Rainer Dudek, Dag Andersson
14:00 30mn Keynote presentationCandidate for Best Paper Award On the formation and propagation of laminate cracks and their influence on the fatigue lives of solder joints
Andreas Lövberg, Per-Erik Tegehall, Saeed Akbari, Dag Andersson, Swerea IVF
14:30 20mn A Mechanistic Model for the Life of Solder Joints under Realistic Long Term Service Conditions
Peter Borgesen 1, Luke Wentlent 2, Thaer Alghoul 1, Shantanu Joshi 3, Rajesh Sivasubramony 1, Manu Yadav 1, Sanoop Thekkut 1, Jorge L. Then Cuevas 1, Logan E. Alvarez 1, Christopher Greene 1
1 Binghamton University
2 Universal Instruments
3 Koki Solder America
14:50 20mn Modeling the effects of imposed current on the creep of SAC305 solder material
Peter Varga, Andrew Rusinko, Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary
15:10 20mn Robustness of BGAs: parametric study of voids’ distribution in SAC solder joints
S.Pin 1, A.Gracia 2, J.Y.Delétage 2, J.Fouquet 1, H.Frémont 2
1 Institut de Recherche Technologique Saint-Exupéry, Toulouse, France
2 Univ. Bordeaux, IMS Lab, Talence, France
15:30 20mn Experimental investigation and numerical modelling of the High Cycle Fatigue behavior of a SnAgCu-solder alloy including temperature and mean stress effects
Youssef Maniar 1, Georg Konstantin 2, Marta Kuczynska 2, Alexander Kabakchiev 1, Michael Guyenot 1
1 Robert Bosch GmbH, Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering,71272 Renningen, Germany.
2 Robert Bosch GmbH, Automotive Electronics, 71701 Schwieberdingen, Germany.

Session 3 MEMS Structures and Microfluidics 14:00 Spot Monday April 16 2018
Chaired by Bart Vandevelde, Craig Hillmann
14:00 30mn Keynote presentation – On the Applicability of Single-Layer Integrated Microchannel Cooling in 3D ICs
Piotr Zajac, Marcin Janicki, Andrzej Napieralski, Lodz University of Technology
14:30 20mn Candidate for Best Paper Award Parametric Model Order Reduction of a Thermoelectric Generator for Electrically Active Implants
Cheng Dong Yuan 1, Onkar Sandip Jadhav 2, Evgenii B. Rudnyi 3, Dennis Hohlfeld 2, Tamara Bechtold 1
1 Department of Engineering, Jade University of Applied Sciences, Wilhelmshaven, Germany; Institute for Electronic Appliances and Circuits, University of Rostock, Germany
2 Institute for Electronic Appliances and Circuits, University of Rostock, Germany
3 CADFEM GmbH, Munich, Germany
14:50 20mn Design and Test of a 3D Printed Acoustic Fresnel Lens
G. B. Torri 1, M. Signorelli 2, C. H. Huang 1, R. Haouari 1, S. Mao 1, X. Rottenberg 1
1 Imec
2 Johns Hopkins University
15:10 20mn Candidate for Best Paper Award Development and characterization of MEMS membranes based on thin-film PZT actuators for microfluidic applications
Baptiste Neff 1, Fabrice Casset 1, Arnaud Millet 2, Vincent Agache 1, Nicolas Verplanck 1, François Boizot 1, Stéphane Fanget 1
1 CEA LETI, Grenoble, France
2 INSERM, Grenoble, France

Session 4 Thermal Behavioral Modeling 14:00 Argos Monday April 16 2018
Chaired by Andras Poppe, Suresh Sitaraman
14:00 30mn Keynote presentation – Combined SPICE-FEM Analysis of Electrothermal Effects in InGaP/GaAs HBT Devices and Arrays for Handset Applications
Vincenzo d’Alessandro 1, Antonio Pio Catalano 1, Lorenzo Codecasa 2, Brian Moser 3, Peter J. Zampardi 4
1 Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Tecnology, University of Naples, via Claudio 21, 80125 Italy
2 Department of Electronics, Information, and Bioengineering, Politecnico di Milano, Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, I-20133
3 Qorvo, Inc., Thorndike Rd. Greensboro, NC, USA
4 Qorvo, Inc., Newbury Park, CA, USA
14:30 20mn Experimental and CFD Evaluation of Active Anti-Condensation Methods for Non-Hermetic Cabinets
Ilja Belov 1, Zahra Alavizadeh 1, Mats Lindgren 2, Jan Rydén 3, Peter Leisner 4
1 Jönköping University, School of Engineering, Jönköping, Sweden
2 Omnisys Instruments AB, Västra Frölunda, Sweden
3 Saab AB, Göteborg, Sweden
4 RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Borås, Sweden
14:50 20mn Application of FCM-ANFIS approach to model heat transfer and pressure drop of Titania-Water nanofluids in the turbulent flow regime
Dr. Mehdi Mehrabi, University of Pretoria
15:10 20mn Flow induced hotspot migration studies with heat spreader integrated microchannels using reduced graphene oxide nanofluids
G. Narendran, N. Gnanasekaran, D. Arumuga Perumal, National Institute of Technology Karnataka
15:30 20mn Kapitza resistance across nanoscale crystalline and amorphous silicon carbide interface
Chengdi Xiao 1, Hu He 2, Junhui Li 2, Wenhui Zhu 2
1 State Key Laboratory of High Performance Complex Manufacturing, Central South University, changsha,China;School of Mechatronics Engineering, Nanchang University, Nanchang, China
2 State Key Laboratory of High Performance Complex Manufacturing, Central South University, changsha,China

15:50 Coffee break

Session 5 Thermo-Mechanical Material Characterisation 16:20 Cassiopée Monday April 16 2018
Chaired by Michael Guyenot, Wenhui Zhu
16:20 30mn Keynote presentation – Mechanical reliability of microelectronics packaging: small scale adhesion measurements and in-situ imaging
Emanuele Cattarinuzzi 1, Dario Gastaldi 2, Pasquale Vena 2, Fiorella Pozzobon 3, Lucrezia Guarino 4, Luca Cecchetto 4, Antonio Andreini 4
1 Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering Department (DCMC), Politecnico di Milano, (MI), Italy / STMicroelectronics srl, Agrate (MI), Italy
2 Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering Department (DCMC), Politecnico di Milano, (MI), Italy
3 STMicroelectronics srl, Cornaredo (MI), Italy
4 STMicroelectronics srl, Agrate (MI), Italy
16:50 20mn Board-level solder intermetallic strength measurements using mini-Charpy shock testing and FEM calibration
Riet Labie 1, Frederic Duflos 1, Bart Vandevelde 1, Bart Allaert 2, Ralph Lauwaert 3, Geert Willems 1
1 Imec
2 Connect Group
3 Interflux
17:10 20mn Thermo-mechanical Characterisation of Thin Sputtered Copper Films on Silicon: towards Elasto-Plastic, Fatigue and Subcritical Fracture-Mechanical Data
Bernhard Wunderle 1, Daniel May 1, Uwe Zschenderlein 1, Ramona Ecke 2, Martin Springborn 1, Nathanael Jöhrmann 1, Kaushal Arun Pareek 1, Jens Heilmann 1, Martin Stiebing 1, Jörg Arnold 1, Rainer Dudek 2, Stefan Schulz 2
1 TU Chemnitz
2 Fraunhofer ENAS

Session 6 Solid State Lighting 16:20 Argos Monday April 16 2018
Chaired by Bernhard Wunderle, Haibo Fan
16:20 30mn Keynote presentation – Color maintenance prediction for LED-based products
W.D. van Driel 1, J. Beijer 1, B. Jacobs 1, J.W. Bikker 2, K. van Blokland 2, C. Ankomah 2
1 Philips Lighting
16:50 20mn Simulation based Optimal Design of High Power Ultraviolet Light-emitting Diode Module used for Photocatalysis
Jiajie Fan 1, Zhou Jing 2, Jie Liu 2, Lei Li 3, Cheng Qian 3, Xuejun Fan 4, Guoqi Zhang 5
1 Hohai University, Changzhou, China; Changzhou Institute of Technology Research for Solid State Lighting, China; Beijing Research Center, Delft University of Technology, China
2 Hohai University, Changzhou, China
3 Changzhou Institute of Technology Research for Solid State Lighting, China
4 Changzhou Institute of Technology Research for Solid State Lighting, China; Lamar University, Beaumont, TX, USA
5 Changzhou Institute of Technology Research for Solid State Lighting, China;Beijing Research Center, Delft University of Technology, China
17:10 20mn Hardware Implementation of LED Forward Voltage Measurement for Junction Temperature Estimation
Thomas Tetzlaff, Ulf Witkowski, South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Soest, German
17:30 20mn A Probabilistic Physics-of-Failure Reliability Assessment Approach for Integrated LED Lamps
Bo Sun, , Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou, China
Jiajie Fan, , Hohai University, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
Xuejun Fan, , Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas, USA
Guoqi Zhang, , Delft University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands

Session 7 Thermal Analysis 16:20 Spot Monday April 16 2018
Chaired by Marcin Janicki, Ilja Belov
16:20 30mn Keynote presentation – CFD-Based Iterative Methodology for Modeling Natural Convection in Microelectronic Packages
Mamadou Kabirou Toure 1, Papa Momar Souare 1, Stephanie Allard 2, Benoit Foisy 2, Eric Duchesne 2, Julien Sylvestre 1
1 University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
2 IBM Bromont, Canada
16:50 20mn Modeling of Hyperbolic Heat Conduction in SOI Transistor by Equivalent RLC Network
Amir Mirza Gheitaghy 1, Huaiyu Ye 2, Guo Qi Zhang 1
1 Department of Microelectronics, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
2 College of Opto-electronic Engineering, Chongqing University, China
17:10 20mn Investigation of DELPHI-inspired Compact Thermal Model for modeling planar transformer
Valentin Bissuel 1, Eric Monier-Vinard 2, Abel Olivier 3, Brice Rogié 2, Arnaud Mahé 3, Najib Laraqi 4, Christophe Gougis 5
1 Thales Global Services
2 Thales Global Services – Université Paris Nanterre, Laboratoire Thermique Interfaces Environnement
3 Thales Avionics Electrical Systems
4 Université Paris Nanterre, Laboratoire Thermique Interfaces Environnement
5 Université Paris Nanterre
17:30 20mn Atomic level prediction of thermal conductivity of metallic materials in IC packaging
Guang Zheng, Hu He, Wenhui Zhu, Central South University, Changsha, China

19:30 Dinner downtown, restaurant Le Mohai

Session 8 Flexible Electronics Reliability 08:30 Argos Tuesday April 17 2018
Chaired by Nancy Iwamoto, Bo Sun
08:30 30mn Keynote presentation – The influence of thermal ageing on the flow-stress of copper traces on PCB’s
Adam Yuile, Steffen Wiese, Saarland University, Saarbrucken, Germany
09:00 20mn Lifetime Modelling and Geometry Optimization of Meander Tracks in Stretchable Electronics
Arian Grams 1, Simon Kuttler 1, Thomas Löher 1, Hans Walter 1, Olaf Wittler 1, Klaus-Dieter Lang 2
1 Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin, Germany
2 Technische Universität Berlin, Microperipheric Technologies, Berlin, Germany

Session 9 MEMS Transducers 08:30 Diamant Tuesday April 17 2018
Chaired by Jeff Punch, Abhijit Dasgupta
08:30 30mn Keynote presentation – CMUT with Mechanically Coupled Plate Actuators
Marcel Krenkel 1, Marco Kircher 1, Mario Kupnik 2, Sandro G. Koch 1
1 Fraunhofer IPMS, Maria-Reiche-Str. 2, 01109 Dresden, Germany
2 Measurement and Sensor Technology, TU Darmstadt, Merckstraße 25, 64283 Darmstadt
09:00 20mn Design, Modelling, and Characterization of Display Compatible pMUT Device
Chih-Hsien Huang, Hang Gao, Guilherme Brondani Torri, Shengping Mao, Yongbin Jeong, David Cheyns, Veronique Rochus, Xavier Rottenberg, Imec, Belgium
09:20 20mn Candidate for Best Paper Award A meta-stable self-aligning interdigitated electrode structure yielding a 100aF/nm capacitive transducer
L.M. Middelburg 1, B. El Mansouri 1, R.H. Poelma 1, H.W. van Zeijl 1, J. Wei 1, G.Q. Zhang 1, W.D. van Driel 2
1 Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands
2 Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands; Philips Lighting, HTC Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Session 10 Thermal Modeling and Characterization 08:30 Spot Tuesday April 17 2018
Chaired by Peter Rodgers
08:30 30mn Keynote presentation – LED 3D Thermal Model Calibration against Measurement
Robin Bornoff 1, Gabor Farkas 1, Lajos Gaal 1, Marta Rencz 1, Andras Poppe 2
1 Mentor – A Siemens Business
09:00 20mn Measurement and Simulation of MEMS Dedicated to Investigation of Heat Transfer at Nanoscale
Marcin Janicki 1, Piotr Pietrzak 1, Jedrzej Topilko 1, Piotr Zajac 1, Artur Sobczak 1, Grzegorz Jablonski 1, Pawel Janus 2, Piotr Prokaryn 2, Andrzej Napieralski 1
1 Lodz University of Technology
2 Institute of Electron Technology
09:20 20mn 3D Hybrid Bonding Assembly Studied by Scanning Thermal Microscopy, Resistive Thermometry and Finite Element Modelling
A. Pic 1, S. Gallois-Garreignot 2, J.-P. Collona 3, V. Fiori 2, P.-O. Chapuis 4
1 STMicroelectronics/CETHIL
2 STMicroelectronics
3 CEA Leti

09:40 Coffee break

Special session Exhibitor and Sponsor special session 10:00 Spot Tuesday April 17 2018
Chaired by
10:00 Bosch / Dynardo / FRT-CWM / Huawei / IRT / Philips / Siemens

Session 11 Dialog session (posters)
Best and outstanding posters will be found from all poster contributions by the conference participants
10:00 Tuesday April 17 2018
Chaired by Sven Rzepka, Mike Röllig
Study of EM
M Packwood 1, Ying Dai 1, Yangang Wang 1, Xiaoping Dai 2, Daohui Li 1
1 Dynex Semiconductor, Lincoln, United Kingdom
2 CRRC, ZhuZhou, China
Board level drop reliability study and orthotropic PCB material property test methodology
Jue Li 1, Pirkka Myllykoski 1, Cong Huang 1, Esa Hussa 1, Dongmin Hu 2, Dahe Kou 2
1 Reliability Competence Center, Finland R
2 Simulation Lab, Consumer BG, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, Shenzhen, China P.R.
Explosion Mechanism Investigation of High Power IGBT Module
Matthew Packwood 1, Yangang Wang 1, Fang Qi 1, Ariful Islam 1, Daohui Li 1, Xiapoing Dai 2
1 Dynex Semiconductor, Lincoln, United Kingdom
2 CRRC, Zhuzhou, China
Modelling the Influence of Molding Compound and Temperature Profile on Solder Joint Reliability in Single Die QFN Packages
Maxim Serebreni 1, Patrick McCluskey 2, Tyler Ferris 3, Gil Sharon 3, Nathan Blattau 3, Craig Hillman 3
1 DfR Solutions, Beltsville, USA; CALCE, University of Maryland, USA
2 CALCE, University of Maryland, USA
3 DfR Solutions, Beltsville, USA
Automation of Electro-thermal Simulations Based on Thermal Conductivity Optimization
A. Datsuk, , IHP, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
M. Kaynak, , IHP, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany; Sabanci University, İstanbul, Turkey
T. Krupkina, , National Research University of Electronic Technology, Moscow, Russia,
Simulation-Based Design of a Micro Fluidic Transportation System for Mobile Applications Based on Ultrasonic Actuation
Martin Seidl 1, Matthias Gehring 1, Ulrich Krumbein 2, Gabriele Schrag 1
1 Chair for Physics of Electrotechnology, Technical University of Munich
2 Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg
BGA Strip Warpage Induced by Assembly Process and the Practical Prediction Methodology
Roseanne Duca 1, Jing En Luan 2, Phone Maw Hla 2, Claudio Maria Villa 3, Marco Rovitto 3
1 STMicroelectronics (Ltd), Kirkop, Malta
2 STMicroelectronics (Ltd), Toa Payoh, Singapore
3 STMicroelectronics (Ltd), Milan, Italy
Reliability assessment of SiC power module stack based on thermo-structural analysis
Alexey Sokolov, Chunlei Liu, Fabian Mohn, Asea Brown Boveri Ltd, Corporate Research, Baden-Dättwil, Switzerland
Heat haze effects in thermal chamber tensile tests on Digital Image Correlation
Adam Yuile 1, Robert Schwerz 2, Mike Roellig 2, Rene Metasch 2, Steffen Wiese 1
1 Saarland University, Saarbrucken, Germany
2 Fraunhofer IKTS, Dresden, Germany
Simulating Object Lists using Neural Networks in Automotive Radar
Alexander Suhre, Waqas Malik, Valeo
Simulation-based specification of the power module lifetime to extend parameter regime beyond testing limitations
Tatyana Kashko, Oliver Schilling, Infineon Technologies AG
Research and Design of On-line Measurement System for Grinding Force and Temperature of Wafer Grinder
Hui Yang, Wenhui Zhu, JunHui Li, Zhuo Chen, School of Mechanical and Electronical Engineering, Central South University, Changsha, China
Thermal Aging Modeling of Molding Compound under High-Temperature Storage and Temperature Cycling Conditions
Bingbing Zhang 1, Michael Johlitz 1, Alexander Lion 1, L. J. Ernst 2, K. M. B. Jansen 3, Duc-Khoi Vu 4, Laurens Weiss 4
1 Institute of Mechanics, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany
2 Ernst Consultant, Schoonhoven, Netherlands
3 Department of Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
4 Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany
Extending the Performance of High Heat Flux 2.5D and 3D Packaging from Component-System Interaction
Gamal Refai-Ahmed 1, Hoa Do 1, Brian Philofsky 2, Jason Strader 3
1 Xilinx Inc. San Jose, Ca, USA
2 Xilinx Inc. Longmont, CO, USA
3 Laird Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Modelling and simulation of microelectronic packages containing complex chip structures
Pećanac G, Haist G., Jerke G., Silber C., Henkel I., Robert Bosch GmbH, Reutlingen, Germany
Lumen maintenance prediction for LEDs – new insights
B. Jacobs, , Philips Lighting
W.D. van Driel, , Philips Lighting; Delft University of Technology
M. Schuld, , CQM
Wire Pull FEA Simulation Comparison
Raj Sekar Sethu 1, Salil Hari Kulkarni 2, How Ung Ha 2, Kok Heng Soon 2
1 X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia
2 Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak, Sarawak, Malaysia
Thick Metal Flat Passivation Elastic Modulus Investigation
Raj Sekar Sethu, Kumar Sambhawam, Yang Peng, X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia
Determination of Relevant Material Behaviour for Use in Stretchable Electronics
H. Walter 1, A. Grams 1, O. Wittler 1, M. Seckel 2, T. Löher 2, K.-D. Lang 2
1 Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin, Germany
2 Technical University Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Influence of Cooling Conditions on LED Compact Thermal Model Element Values
Tomasz Torzewicz, Marcin Janicki, Andrzej Napieralski, Lodz University of Technology
Electro-Thermal Behaviour Using Finite Volume and Finite Element Method
Martina Aderonke Bella, Chris Bailey, Hua Lu, University of Greenwich
Failure Assessments of Polymeric Structure for Electronic Connectors
D.-C. Huang, Y.-T. Juo, K.-C. Liao, Department of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Thermodynamic analysis of SiO2 thickness effect on TSV
Li Yanruoyue 1, Fu Guicui 2, Yan Xiaojun 1, Zhang Weifang 2
1 School of Energy and Power Engineering, Beihang University
2 School of Reliability and Systems Engineering, Beihang University
Method to Predict Lifetime of IGBT under Power Cycling based-on Fast Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Model
Maogong Jiang, Guicui Fu, Hongyan Leng, Bo Wan, Yu Cheng, School of Reliability and Systems Engineering, Beihang University
Mechanistic Model for the Stress-Strain Response of Double-Layered PSA
Hao Huang, Abhijit Dasgupta, CALCE, Unversity of Maryland, College Park
On Relation between Parameters of Cohesive Zone Model
S. Ananiev, Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg, Germany
Power Map Modeling in Packaged Integrated Circuits and Power Devices
Kunal Jain, Swati Saxena, ESI US R
Internal Stress State of a TQFP subjected to Liquid Temperature Shock using Piezoresistive Silicon Stress Sensor
Alexandru Prisacaru 1, Yue Sun 1, Przemyslaw Jakub Gromala 1, Bongtae Han 2, Guo Qi Zhang 3
1 Robert Bosch GmbH
2 University of Maryland College Park
3 Delft University of Technology
Study on Layout Optimization of Multi-Chip LED Modules Based on Discrete Element Method
Quan Xia, Yi Ren, Zili Wang, Bo Sun, Qiang Feng, Dezhen Yang, Cheng Qian, School of Reliability and Systems Engineering, Beihang University

12:15 Lunch

Session 12 MEMS Structures 13:30 Argos Tuesday April 17 2018
Chaired by Alberto Corigliano, Hélène Frémont
13:30 30mn Keynote presentation – Self-assembly of High Performance On-Chip RF-MEMS Inductors Based on Internal-Stress Induced Post-Release Bending
Rayan Bajwa, Murat Kaya Yapici, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey
14:00 20mn Simulation and characterization of a high-sensitive Micro-Opto-Mechanical Microphone
V. Rochus, H. Gao, CH. Huang, W. Westerveld, R. Haouari, B. Troia, F. Verhaegen, R. Jansen , B. Figeys, X. Rottenberg , Imec, Leuven, Belgium
14:20 20mn Low Cycle Fatigue of Aluminium Thin Films on Vibrating Silicon MEMS Cantilevers: Highly Accelerated Stress Test and Finite Element Modelling
Georg M. Reuther 1, Reinhard Pufall 1, Bernhard Wunderle 2
1 Infineon Technologies AG, Munich
2 Technische Universität Chemnitz
14:40 20mn A Novel Graphene Based Waveguide Electro-optic Bragg Grating Modulator
Feng Zhang 1, Xian-Ping Chen 1, Qi-qin Wei 2, Li-Bo Yuan 2, Miao Cai 2, Huaiyu Ye 1, Guoqi Zhang 3, Jing Xiao 4
1 Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Technology
2 School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Guilin University of Electronic Technology
3 Delft Institute of Microsystems and Nanoelectronics, Delft University of Technology
4 School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Guilin 541004,
15:00 20mn Simulation of the Thermomechanical Stress of a MEMS Microphone
Hanna Ebbinghaus 1, Gregor Feiertag 1, Sebastian Walser 2
1 Munich University of Applied Science, Munich, Germany
2 EPCOS AG, A TDK Group Company, Munich, Germany

Session 13 Process Modelling 13:30 Spot Tuesday April 17 2018
Chaired by Jürgen Auersperg, Alexandru Prisacaru
13:30 30mn Keynote presentation – 3D-Printing and wet metallization for uniaxial and multi-axial accelerometers
Valentina Zega 1, Caterina Credi 2, Marta Invernizzi 2, Roberto Bernasconi 2, Giacomo Langfelder 3, Alfredo Cigada 4, Luca Magagnin 2, Marinella Levi 2, Alberto Corigliano 1
1 Politecnico di Milano, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
2 Politecnico di Milano, Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering “Giulio Natta”
3 Politecnico di Milano, Department of Electronics Information and Bioengineering
4 Politecnico di Milano, Department of Mechanical Engineering
14:00 20mn Optimized 2D positioning of windings in inductive components by genetic algorithm
Andreas Rosskopf, Karsten Knoerzer, Eberhard Baer, Stefan Ehrlich, Fraunhofer IISB, Erlangen, Germany
14:20 20mn Prediction of filling time in capillary-driven underfill process through 3D numerical analysis
Kanglun Wang, Yan Wang, Wenhui Zhu, Central South University, Changsha, China
14:40 20mn Effect of Ultrasonic Agitation on the Properties of Copper Electrodeposition in Micro-Via
Houya Wu, Yan Wang, Fuliang Wang, Wenhui Zhu, Central South University, Changsha, China

Session 14 Reliability of Power Packages 13:30 Diamant Tuesday April 17 2018
Chaired by Jeroen Zaal, Kouchi Zhang
13:30 30mn Keynote presentation – Multi-Scale Modelling of Internal Failure Mechanism of SiC Power MOSFETs
Kai Zheng, Houcai Luo, Lingming Wang, Chunjian Tan, Shaogang Wang, Huaiyu Ye, Xianping Chen, Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Technology
14:00 20mn Failure Analysis in Power Devices using Lock-in Infrared Thermography
M. Vellvehi, X. Perpinyà, D. Sánchez, P. Fernández-Martínez, D. Flores , X. Jordà , Institut de Microelectrònica de Barcelona, Centre Nacional de Microelectrònica (IMB-CNM,CSIC), Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain
14:20 20mn Study of Cu Wire Crack under Thermal Cycling Test
Haibo Fan 1, WW Chow 1, Fei Wong 1, Dashun Liu 2, Haibin Chen 2, Jingshen Wu 2
1 Nexperia, Hong Kong
2 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
14:40 20mn Determination of Die-Shift in a Multi-Project Fan-out Wafer Level Package after Processing by means of Numerical Simulations
Marius van Dijk 1, Tanja Braun 1, Hans Walter 1, Stefan Raatz 1, Steve Voges 1, Marcus Paeck 1, Klaus-Dieter Lang 2
1 Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM), Berlin, Germany
2 Technische Universität Berlin, Microperipheric Technologies, Berlin, Germany

15:05 Coffee break

Session 15 Electronics Reliability under Vibration Loadings 15:30 Diamant Tuesday April 17 2018
Chaired by Przemyslaw Gromala, Xian-Ping Chen
15:30 30mn Keynote presentation – Assessing the vibrational response and robustness of electronic systems by dissolving time and length scale
Thomas Schriefer, , PhD student, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Dr. Ing. Maximilian Hofmann, , Group leader, Drives and Mechatroncis, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology
16:00 20mn Effect of Temperature on Vibration Fatigue of SAC105 Solder Material after Extended Room Temperature Aging
David Leslie, Tim Heid, Abhijit Dasgupta, Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, US
16:20 20mn Vibration Test and Simulation of Printed Circuit Board
Faical Arabi, Alexandrine Gracia, Jean-Yves Delétage, Hélène Frémont, University of Bordeaux – IMS Laboratory
16:40 20mn Resonance frequency dependency of Thermal Interface Materials under vibration
Emad A. Poshtan, Robert Bosch GmbH
17:00 20mn Vibration Fatigue Analysis of Lead-free CSP Assemblies on Printed Circuit Board
Chinmay Nawghane 1, Bart Vandevelde 2, Riet Labie 2, Bart Allaert 3, Ralph Lauwaert 4, Filip Vanhee 5, Davy Pissoort 5, Ingrid De Wolf 6, Jan Mehner 7
1 Imec, Belgium; Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany
2 Imec, Belgium
3 Connect Group, Belgium
4 Interflux Electronics, Belgium
5 KU Leuven, Belgium
6 Imec, Belgium; KU Leuven, Belgium
7 Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany

Session 16 Life Time Predictions 15:30 Spot Tuesday April 17 2018
Chaired by Jiajie Fan, Peter Borgesen
15:30 30mn Keynote presentation – Long-Term Thermal Fatigue Testing of Solder Joints and Related Fatigue Life Predictions
Rainer Dudek 1, M. Hildebrandt 1, K. Kreyßig 1, S. Rzepka 1, M. Novak 2, W. Grübl 2, B. Schuch 2
1 Fraunhofer ENAS, Micro Materials Center, Chemnitz, Germany
2 Continental, Division Powertrain, Business Unit Transmission, Nuremberg, Germany
16:00 20mn Data Analytics Approach for Optimal Qualification Testing of Electronic Components
Stoyan Stoyanov, Mominul Ahsan, Chris Bailey, University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom
16:20 20mn Reliability analysis of encapsulated components in 3D-circuit board integration
Robert Schwerz 1, Mike Roellig 1, Klaus-Juergen Wolter 2
1 Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS, Dresden, Germany
2 Technische Universität Dresden, Electronics Packaging Laboratory, Dresden, Germany
16:40 20mn FEM modelling of porosity in Ag sintering die attach for RF power applications
Jianlin Huang, Huib Scholten, Frank de Bruijn, An Xiao, Mario de Vaan, Ampleon Netherlands B.V., Nijmegen, The Netherlands
17:00 20mn A Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Damage Modeling Methodology for Power Semiconductor Robustness Validation Studies
Martin Springer, Heinz E. Pettermann, Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Lightweight Design and Structural Biomechanics, Vienna, Austria

Session 17 Interfacial Properties 15:30 Argos Tuesday April 17 2018
Chaired by Michel Lenczner, Andreas Lövberg
15:30 30mn Keynote presentation – Modeling reaction front propagation of intermetallic compounds by using an isogeometric analysis
A. Morozov 1, A.B. Freidin 2, W.H. Müller 1, T. Hauck 3, I. Schmadlak 3
1 Technical University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2 Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia
3 NXP Semiconductors, München, Germany
16:00 20mn Candidate for Best Paper Award Interfacial Properties of Cu/SiO2 using a Multiscale Modelling Approach in Electronic Packages
ZhenCui 1, Xianping Chen 2, Xuejun Fan 3, Guoqi Zhang 1
1 Delft university of technology, Delft, Netherlands
2 Chongqing University, Chongqing, China
3 Lamar University, USA
16:20 20mn Characterization of EMC/LF Interfacial Fracture Toughness using the Advanced Mixed-Mode Bending Method
Schulz, M. 1, Nabi, H. S. 2, Vu, D.-K. 2, Wunderle, B. 3, Keller, J. 1
1 AMIC Angwandte Micro-Messtechnik GmbH
2 Infineon Technologies AG
3 Chemnitz University of Technologies
16:40 20mn Design of robust packages by deliberate release of elastic energy to avoid interfacial crack propagation
Reinhard Pufall 1, Michael Goroll, 1, Georg M. Reuther 1, Nadine Pflügler 1, Dominik Udiljak 1, Rainer Dudek 2
1 Infineon Technologies AG, Munich
2 Fraunhofer ENAS, Chemnitz
17:00 20mn Four-Point-Bending Experiments on Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors: Microstructural Details on Crack Initiation and Propagation
Joseph Al Ahmar, Erik Wiss, Steffen Wiese, Saarland University

Special session Panel: Should we rethink the reliability standards for these heterogeneous integrated SIP packages? 17:30 Cassiopée Tuesday April 17 2018
Chaired by Willem van Driel, Philips
17:30 With Emilie Jolivet (Yole Développement), Jeroen Zaal (NXP), Brian Philofski (Xilinx), Suresh Sitaraman (Gatech), Christopher Bailey (University of Greenwich), Przemyslaw Gromala (Robert Bosch), Abhijit Dasgupta (University of Maryland)
19:30 Dinner cocktail at venue, Foyer Ariane 1st floor, until 21:30

20:30 Steering Committee meeting, Bar Armagnac, 30mn

Session 18 Technical Keynotes 08:30 Cassiopée Wednesday April 18 2018
Chaired by Xuejun Fan
08:30 30mn Keynote presentation – On the TSV Delamination Risk Dependence on TSV Distance and Silicon Crystal Orientation
Juergen Auersperg, Jan Albrecht, Sven Rzepka, Micro Materials Center at Fraunhofer ENAS, Chemnitz, Germany
09:00 30mn Keynote presentation – Thermal Management Challenges for Downhole Electronics in the Oil and Gas Industry
Peter Rodgers, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Special session Awards ceremony 09:30 Cassiopée Wednesday April 18 2018
Chaired by Sven Rzepka
09:30 Best and outstanding papers and posters
09:40 Coffee break

Session 19 IC level thermo-mechanical analysis 10:00 Cassiopée Wednesday April 18 2018
Chaired by Marius van Dijk, Véronique Rochus
10:00 30mn Keynote presentation – Lift off reliability model for Aluminum and Copper wire bonds
Michael Guyenot, Youssef Maniar, Manfred Reinold, Martin Rittner, Robert Bosch GmbH, Renningen, Germany
10:30 20mn Minimizing electro-mechanical shifts in IC applications
J.J.M. Zaal 1, A. Mavinkurve 1, Y.K. Liang 2, S.F. Chopin 3, E. Huynh 4, Y. Gao 4, A. Damian 1
1 NXP Semiconductors, Nijmegen, Netherlands
2 NXP Semiconductors, Tianjin, China
3 NXP Semiconductors, Austin, Texas
4 NXP Semiconductors, Toulouse, France
10:50 20mn Advanced risk analysis of interface delamination in semiconductor packages: a novel experimental approach to calibrating cohesive zone elements for Finite Element Modelling
Nadine Pflügler 1, Georg M. Reuther 1, Michael Goroll 1, Dominik Udiljak 1, Reinhard Pufall 1, Bernhard Wunderle 2
1 Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg, Germany
2 Technische Universität Chemnitz, Chemnitz, Germany
11:10 20mn Coupled Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Mass Reduced Silicon Micromirrors
Harris J Hall, Jason Schmidt, LaVern Starman, Air Force Research Laboratory
11:30 20mn Peridynamic modelling of crack initiation and propagation in thermo-mechanically loaded electronic devices
Gábor Ladányi, , University of Dunaújváros, Dunaújváros, HUNGARY
Viktor Gonda, , Óbuda University, Budapest, HUNGARY

Session 20 Multi-Physics / Scale Analysis 10:00 Spot Wednesday April 18 2018
Chaired by Reinhard Pufall, Steffen Wiese
10:00 30mn Keynote presentation – A Review of Modeling Moisture Diffusion in Electronic Packages
Liangbiao Chen 1, Yong Liu 1, Xuejun Fan 2
1 On Semiconductor
2 Lamar University
10:30 20mn Modelling the magnetic nanoparticle filling procedure of flow-through microchambers
Péter Pálovics, Márta Rencz, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Electron Devices, Hungary
10:50 20mn Thick AlCu-Metal Reliability Characterization
Kirsten Weide-Zaage 1, Yuqi Tan 1, Verena Hein 2
11:10 20mn Investigation of Trapping Behaviour in GaN HEMTs through physical TCAD Simulation of Capacitance Voltage characteristics
Kalparupa Mukherjee, Arnaud Curutchet, Frederic Darracq, Nathalie Malbert, Nathalie Labat, IMS Lab, University of Bordeaux
11:30 20mn A Multiscale Model of a Two-Dimensional Micro-Mirror Array
Nguyen Nhat Binh Trinh 1, Michel Lenczner 1, Frédéric Zamkotsian 2, Nicolas Ratier 1
1 FEMTO-ST, University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté, CNRS, UTBM, ENSMM, Besançon, France
2 LAM-CNRS, AMU, Marseille, France

11:50 Lunch

Special session Visit of Airbus plant 12:30 Wednesday April 18 2018
Chaired by
12:30 Departure group 1 by bus from venue
13:00 Departure group 2 from venue
13:00 Group 1 checks in
13:30 Group 1 begins visit
13:30 Group 2 checks in
14:00 Group 2 begins visit
15:00 Group 1 finishes visit; bus stops at Blagnac airport and comes back to venue
15:30 Group 2 finishes visit; bus stops at Blagnac airport and comes back to venue