EuroSimE 2025

26th International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics
Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems

Utrecht, The Netherlands | April 6 – 9, 2025


Best papers are selected for publishing in two Elsevier Journals: Microelectronics Reliability and Mechatronics, plus one open access journal: MDPI Micromachines.

Microelectronics Reliability | Special issue for EuroSimE 2021 | by Elsevier

Microelectronics Reliability 2017

May version volume 84 (Special section on selection of best papers of EuroSimE 2017):

  • A design and qualification of LED flip Chip-on-Board module with tunable color temperatures, Jiajie Fan, Jianwu Cao, Chaohua Yu, Cheng Qian, … Guoqi Zhang
  • Understanding chromaticity shifts in LED devices through analytical models, J. Lynn Davis, Karmann C. Mills, Georgiy Bobashev, Kelley J. Rountree, … Cortina Johnson
  • In-situ characterization of moisture absorption and hygroscopic swelling of silicone/phosphor composite film and epoxy mold compound in LED packaging, Ibrahim Khalilullah, Talukder Reza, Liangbiao Chen, Mark Placette, … Xuejun Fan

June version volume 85 (Special section on selection of best papers of EuroSimE 2017):

  • Towards the CFD model of flow rate dependent enzyme-substrate reactions in nanoparticle filled flow microreactors, Péter Pálovics, Ferenc Ender, Márta Rencz
  • Stable reduced order modeling of piezoelectric energy harvesting modules using implicit Schur complement, S. Hu, C. Yuan, A. Castagnotto, B. Lohmann, … T. Bechtold
  • Vertical natural convection models and their effect on failure analysis in electro-thermal simulation of large-surface OLEDs, László Pohl, Zsolt Kohári, András Poppe

August version volume 87 (Special section on selection of best papers of EuroSimE 2017):

  • Enhanced Cu pillar design to reduce thermomechanical stress induced during flip chip assembly, Melina Lofrano, Vladimir Cherman, Mario Gonzalez, Eric Beyne
  • Sensor system optimization to meet reliability targets, Wolfgang Granig, Lisa-Marie Faller, Hubert Zangl
  • Fatigue measurement setup under combined thermal and vibration loading on electronic SMT assembly, Karsten Meier, René Metasch, Mike Roellig, Karlheinz Bock
  • Investigations of the impact of initial stresses on fracture and delamination risks of an avionics MEMS pressure sensor, J. Auersperg, E. Auerswald, C. Collet, Th. Dean, … S. Rzepka
  • Special issue: International conference on thermal, mechanical & multiphysics simulation and experiments in micro- and nano-electronics and systems [EuroSimE2017], Willem D. van Driel, Artur Wymyslowski

2 more to come in September.

Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 5/2017

Special issue: multiphysics modeling, simulation and experiments in micro and nanosystems, see

EuroSimE 2016 papers published in Microelectronics Reliability Journal

  • Viscoplastic Properties of Pressure-less Sintered Silver Materials Using Indentation, David Leslie
  • Four-point bending cycling as alternative for Thermal cycling solder fatigue testing, Bart Vandevelde
  • Reliability Experiments of Sintered Silver based Interconnections by Accelerated Isothermal Bending Tests, Jens Heilmann
  • Reliability of Cu Wire Bonds in Microelectronic Packages, Ali Mazloum-Nejadari
  • The Role of Stress State and Stress Triaxiality in Lifetime Prediction of Solder Joints in Different Packages Utilized in Automotive Electronics, Marta Kuczynska
  • Towards Prognostics and Health Monitoring: The Potential of Fault Detection by Piezoresistive Silicon Stress Sensor, Alicja Palczynska
  • Studies of the light output properties for a GaN based blue LED using an electro-optical simulation method, Jiajie Fan
  • Thermal/Luminescence Characterization and Degradation Mechanism Analysis on Phosphor-converted White LED Chip Scale Packages, Jiajie Fan

EuroSimE 2015 papers published in Mechatronics

  • Dellaert Dries, Doutreloigne Jan. A thermally-actuated latching MEMS switch matrix and driver chip for an automated distribution frame.
  • Lenczner Michel, Yang Bin, Bontempi Alexia, Teyssieux Damien, Cogan Scott, Janus Pawel, Koehler Bernd, Ratier Nicolas. A SThM Probe Optimization and its Time-Space Multiscale Modeling.
  • Comi Claudia, Corigliano Alberto, Zega Valentina, Zerbini Sarah. Non linear response and optimization of a new z-axis resonant micro-accelerometer.
  • Kolchuzhin Vladimir A., Sheremet Evgeniya, Bhattacharya Kunal, Rodriguez Raul D., Paul Soumya Deep, Mehner Jan E., Hietschold Michael, Zahn Dietrich R.T. Mechanical properties and applications of custom-built gold AFM cantilevers.
  • Rochus Véronique, Bo Wang, Tilmans Harrie, Chaudhuri Ashesh, Helin Philippe, Severi Simone, Rottenberg Xavier. Fast Analytical Design of MEMS Capacitive Pressure Sensors with Sealed Cavities.
  • Hartmann Steffen, Hermann Sascha, Bonitz Jens, Heggen Marc, Holck Ole, Shaporin Alexey, Mehner Jan, Schulz Stefan E., Gessner Thomas, Wunderle Bernhard. Towards nanoreliability of sensors incorporating interfaces between single-walled carbon nanotubes and metals: molecular dynamics simulations and in situ experiments using electron microscopy.
  • Casset Fabrice, Danel Jean-Sebastien, Renaux Philippe, Chappaz Cedrick, Bernard Francois, Sednaoui Thomas, Basrour Skandar, Desloges Brigitte, Fanget Stephane. 4-inch transparent plates based on thin-film AlN actuators for haptic applications.

​EuroSimE 2015 papers published in Microelectronics Reliability Journal

  • High Strain-Rate Constitutive Behavior of SAC105 and SAC305 Leadfree Solder During Operation at High Temperature, Pradeep Lall
  • An in-situ numerical-experimental approach for fatigue delamination characterization in microelectronic packages, Emad Poshtan
  • Numerical Investigation and Experimental Validation of Residual Stresses Building up in Microelectronics Packaging, Ali Riza Rezaie Adli
  • Lumen Maintenance Predictions for LED Packages, Willem Dirk van Driel
  • Predicting Non-Fickian Moisture Diffusion in EMCs for Application in Micro-electronic Devices, Marco Barink
  • Thermo-Mechanical Effects in Majorana Type Quantum Devices, Alexander W.J. Gielen
  • Investigation of Relaxation Behavior by Piezoresistive Stress Sensor, Alicja Palczynska

EuroSimE 2014 papers published in Microelectronics Reliability Journal:

  • Assessment of Long Term Reliability of Photovoltaic Glass-Glass Modules vs. Glass-Back Sheet Modules Subjected to Temperature Cycles by FE-Analysis, Frank Kraemer
  • The Shear Strength of nano-Ag Sintered Joints and the use of Ag Interconnects in the Design and Manufacture of SiGe-based Thermo-Electric Modules, Michael John Edwards
  • Degradation of silicone in white LEDs during device operation: a finite element approach to product reliability prediction, Paola Altieri-Weimar
  • Thermo-mechanical Characterization of Passive Stress Sensors in Si Interposer, Benjamin Vianne
  • Computationally Efficient and Stable Order Reduction Methods for a Large-Scale Model of MEMS Piezoelectric Energy Harvester, Mikhail Kudryavtsev
  • Adhesion work analysis through molecular modeling and wetting angle measurement, Kamil N Allaf
  • Microstructure Simulation of Grain Growth in Cu Through Silicon Vias Using Phase-Field Modeling, Nabi Nabiollahi

EuroSimE 2013 papers published in Microelectronics Reliability Journal:

  • Multi-physics Simulations for Combined Temperature/Humidity Loading of Potted Electronic Assemblies, Abhijit Dasgupta
  • Geometry optimization of a Lorentz force, resonating MEMS magnetometer, Alberto Corigliano
  • Chip-Package Interaction in 3D stacked IC packages using Finite Element Modelling, Bart Vandevelde
  • Simulation and Measurement of the Flip Chip Solder Bumps with a Cu-plated plastic Core, Kirsten Weide-Zaage
  • Multi-physics Reliability Simulation for Solid State Lighting Drivers, Sima Tarashioon
  • On the Crack and Delamination Risk Optimization of a Si-Interposer for LED Packaging, Juergen Auersperg
  • Reliability assessment of a MEMS microphone under mixed flowing gas environment and shock impact loading, Jue Li
  • Computational modelling of creep-based fatigue as a means of selecting lead-free solder alloys, Juergen Eckermann
  • Stress Impact of Moisture Diffusion measured with the Stress Chip, Florian Schindler-Saefkow

EuroSimE 2012 papers published in Microelectronics Reliability Journal:

  • A Domain Decomposition Method for the Simulation of Fracture in Polysilicon MEMS, Alberto Corigliano
  • Modelling Methodology for Thermal Analysis of Hot Solder Dip Process, Stoyan Stoyanov
  • Cu-wire bonding, Cu-Al intermetallics, thermal aging, thermo-mechanical properties, delamination and thermal conductivity, Kouters Hermanus Matheus Marcel
  • Design methodologies for reliability of SSL LED boards, Jiri Jakovenko
  • Thermal resistance investigations on new leadframe-based LED packages and boards, Adrien Gasse
  • Mechanical Problems of Novel Back Contact Solar Modules, Steffen Wiese
  • Molecularly Derived Mesoscale Modeling of an Epoxy/Cu Interface: Interface Roughness, Nancy Iwamoto
  • Transport of Moisture at Epoxy-SiO2 Interfaces Investigated by Molecular Modeling, Ole Hölck

EuroSimE 2011 papers published in Microelectronics Reliability Journal:

  • Studies on the Reliability of Power Packages Based on Strength and Fracture Criteria, Rainer Dudek
  • Degradation of moulding compounds during highly accelerated stress tests. A simple approach to study adhesion by performing button shear tests, Reinhard Pufall
  • Development of a Standard for Transient Measurement of Junction-To-Case Thermal Resistance, Heinz Pape
  • Effects of single vacancy defect position on the stability of carbon nanotubes, René Poelma
  • Comparative Characterization of Chip to Epoxy Interfaces by Molecular Modeling and Contact, Angle Determination, Ole Hölck
  • Developing the stress-strain curve to failure using mesoscale models parameterized from molecular models, Nancy Iwamoto
  • A multi-scale approach of the thermo-mechanical properties of silica-filled epoxies used in electronic packaging, Esther Weltevreden

EuroSimE 2010 papers published in Microelectronics Reliability Journal:

  • MO. Hölck, E. Dermitzaki, B. Wunderle, J. Bauer and B. Michel: “Basic Thermo-Mechanical Property Estimation of a 3D-crosslinked Epoxy / SiO2 Interface using Molecular Modelling”
  • Nancy Iwamoto: “Modeling Mechanical Properties of an Epoxy Using Particle Dynamics, as Parameterized through Molecular Modeling”
  • Łukasz Dowhań, Artur Wymysłowski, Paweł Janus, Magdalena Ekwińska, Olaf Wittler: “Extraction of Elastic-Plastic Material Properties of Thin Films Through Nanoindentaion Technique with Support of Numerical Methods”
  • ML.I.J.C. Bergers, J.P.M. Hoefnagels, N.K.R. Delhey , M.G.D. Geers: “Measuring time-dependent deformations in metallic MEMS”
  • Cédric LE COQ, Adellah TOUGUI, Marie-Pascale STEMPIN, Laurent BARREAU: “Optimization for Simulation of WL-CSP Subjected to Drop-Test with Plasticity Behavior”
  • Mario Gonzalez, Bart Vandevelde, Wim Christiaens, Yung-Yu Hsu, François Iker, Frederick Bossuyt, Jan Vanfleteren, Olaf van der Sluis, P.H.M. Timmermans: “Design and Implementation of Flexible and Stretchable Systems”
  • T. T. Mattila and M. Paulasto-Kröckel: “Toward Comprehensive Reliability Testing of Electronics by a Combined Loading Approach”
  • Rene Kregting, Sander Gielen, Willem van Driel, Paul Alkemade, Hozan Miro, Jan-Dirk Kamminga: “Local stress analysis on semiconductor devices by combined experimental-numerical procedure”

EuroSimE 2009 papers published in Microelectronics Reliability Journal:

  • A multiscale approach for investigation of interfacial delamination in electronic packages, Hai Bo Fan
  • Molecular Dynamics Approach to Structure-Property Correlation in Epoxy Resins for Thermo-Mechanical Lifetime Modeling, B. Wunderle
  • Cure induced warpage of micro electronics: comparison with experiments, J. de Vreugd
  • On the epoxy moulding compound aging effect on package reliability, Sander Noijen
  • Reliability Modeling on a MOSFET Power Package Based on Embedded Die Technology, Daoguo Yang
  • Advanced Analysis on Board Trace Reliability of WLCSP under Drop Impact, Ahmer Syed
  • Copper Trace Fatigue Models for Mechanical Cycling, Vibration and Shock/Drop of High-Density PWAs, D. Farley

EuroSimE 2008 papers published in Microelectronics Reliability Journal:

  • Prognostication of System-State in Lead-Free Electronics Equipment under Cyclic and Steady-State Thermo-Mechanical Loads, Pradeep Lall
  • Simulation Based Analysis of Secondary Effects on Solder Fatigue, Rainer Dudek
  • Solder Interconnect Reliability Under Drop Impact Loading Conditions Using High-Speed Cold Bump Pull, J.J.M. Zaal
  • Numerical analysis of delamination and cracking phenomena in multi-layered flexible electronics, Olaf van der Sluis
  • Experimental Investigations and Model Study of Moisture Behaviors in Polymers, Xuejun Fan
  • Modeling and characterization of molding compound properties during cure, Kaspar Jansen
  • Performance Properties in Thick Film Silicate Dielectric Layers Using Molecular Modeling, Nancy Iwamoto