Here are the compiled results of the survey Wed, 01 Dec 2021 10:52:56 +0100

12 distinct participants answered at least a question

Survey results : Technical Programme

About the whole technical programme of the conference

Q1. Many topics were in line with my expectations

Single choice 12 answers

Q2. Some topics of interest to me were not addressed

Single choice 11 answers

Q3. The technical level of presentations was high

Single choice 11 answers

Q4. Any comment ?

Free text, 4 answers

Survey results : Networking

About the contacts you had

Q5. Despite the virtual nature of the event, could you establish new fruitful contacts ?

Single choice 11 answers

Q6. Any suggestion or remark ?

Free text, 3 answers

Survey results : The conference fee

Q7. Is the 150 / 135€ conference fee

Single choice 11 answers

Survey results : Live short courses of April 20, 22

Q8. Did the course(s) you attended match your expectations ?

Single choice 10 answers

Q9. How do you rate the overall performance ?

Free text, 5 answers

Survey results : Microsoft Teams platform

Q10. Was it convenient

Single choice 10 answers

Q11. How do you rate the overall comfort and performance ?

Free text, 6 answers

Survey results : On-demand virtual space open April 19 May 15

Q12. Was it convenient and practical enough

Single choice 10 answers

Q13. What must be improved, what can you suggest ?

Free text, 2 answers

Survey results : Overall feedback

Q14. Are you satisfied by EuroSimE 2021, did you get what you expected, despite the context ?

Single choice 10 answers

Q15. Are you likely to attend EuroSimE 2022 in Malta, hopefully an in-person event?

Single choice 10 answers

Q16. What should be improved ?

Free text, 5 answers