EuroSimE 2004 was locally organised by IMEC (Bart Vandevelde and team) in Novotel Tour Noire, Brussels, Belgium

EuroSimE 2004 Brussels Programme

Proceedings of EuroSimE 2004 – Brussels, Belgium, May 2004

625 pages A4
ISBN 0-7803-8420-2
IEEE Catalog number 04EX831
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  • CHAPTER 1, Industrial Trends – Roadmap Challenges There is More than Moore – A.J.van Roosmalen

    Opportunities and Challenges for Telecommunications Technology – J.Rantala

    Trends in Automotive Packaging – H.Casier

    Trends & Challenges in Microsystems Packaging – M.K.Iyer

  • CHAPTER 2, Technology DevelopmentsNano-electronics in Biological Applications – G.Borghs

    Reliability Challenges and Recent Advances for Cu Interconnects – Paul S.Ho,
    Ki-Don Lee, Sean Yoon, Guotao Wang

    From Macro-Cooling to Micro-Reliability – M.R.D.Davies

  • CHAPTER 3, Virtual Thermal Mechanical PrototypingModeling of Cure-Induced Warpage of Plastic IC Packages – D.G.Yang, K.M.B.Jansen,
    L.J.Ernst, G.Q.Zhang, W.D.van Driel, H.J.L.Bressers

    Thermo-Mechanical Stress Modelling of MOS Device with Electro- thermal Considerations
    – P.Tounsi, J.P.Fradin, X.Chauffleur, Ph.Dupuy, J.M.Dorkel, A.Marty, A.Deram

    FEM-based Method to Determinate Mechanical Stress Evolution during Process
    Flow in Microelectronics – Application to Stress-Voiding – S.Orain, J.C Barbé,
    X.Federspiel, P.Legallo, H.Jaouen

    On Wire Failures in Micro-electronic Packages – W.D.van Driel, J.H.J.Jansen
    , G.Q.Zhang, M.A.J.van Gils, R.B.R.van Silfhout, L.J.Ernst

  • CHAPTER 4, Thermal Mechanical Behavior on Wafer Level A Finite Element Study of Process Induced Stress in the Transistor Channel:
    Effects of Silicide Contact and Gate Stack – C.Torregiani, J.Liu, B.Vandevelde,
    D.Degryse, M.J.Van Dal, A.Benedetti, A.Lauwers, K.Maex

    Effect of Metal Layout Design on Passivation Crack Occurrence using both Experimental
    and Simulation Techniques – R.B.R van Silfhout, W.D.van Driel, Y.Li, M.A.J.van
    Gils, J.H.J.Janssen, G.Q.Zhang, G.Tao, J.Bisschop, L.J.Ernst

    Probability of Silicon Fracture in Molded Packages – C.Bohm, T.Hauck, W.H.Müller,

    Interfacial Sliding and Plasticity in Back-end Interconnect Structures of Microelectronic
    devices – I.Dutta, D.Pan, C.Park, J.Vella


  • CHAPTER 5, Dynamic Compact Thermal and Electro-Thermal

    Empirical Validation of Thermal Dynamics in a Silicon Microthruster: Influence
    of the Boundary Conditions – M.Salleras, I.García, J.Palacín, M.Puig, J.Samitier,

    Compact Electro-thermal Models of Semiconductor Devices with Multiple Heat
    Sources – C.Bohm, T.Hauck, E.B.Rudnyi, J.G.Korvink

    Electro-Thermal Transistor Models in the SISSI Electro-Thermal IC Simulator
    – V.Székely, A.Poppe, G.Hajas

  • CHAPTER 6, Experimental and Numerical InteractionComputational Model Validation with Experimental Data from Temperature Cycling
    Tests of PBGA Assemblies for the Analysis of Board Level Solder Joint Reliability
    – R.Lee, D.Lau

    PWB Warpage Analysis and Verification using an AP210 Standards-based Engineering
    Framework and Shadow Moiré – D.Zwemer, S.McCarron, A.Spradling,R.Peak, M.Bajaj,T.Thurman,
    M.Dickerson, L.Klein, G.Liutkis,K.Brady J.Messina

    Novel Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Dynamic Responses under Board
    Level Drop Test – Tong Yan Tee, Jing-en Luan, Eric Pek, Chwee Teck Lim, Zhaowei

    Finite Element Modelling of Crack Detection Tests – S Ridout, M Dusek, C Bailey,
    C Hunt

  • CHAPTER 7, Modeling and Designing of Advanced PackagingDesign, Fabrication and Comparison of Lead-Free/Eutectic Solder Joint Reliability
    of FlipChip Package – Chih-Tang Peng, Kuo-Ning Chiang, Terry Ku, Kenny Chang

    Virtual Qualification of Moisture Induced Failures of Advanced Packages – M.A.J.van
    Gils, W.D.van Driel, G.Q.Zhang, H.J.L.Bressers,R.B.R.van Silfhout, X.J.Fan, J.H.J.Janssen

    Finite Element Analysis of an Improved Wafer Level Package using Silicone Under
    Bump (SUB) Layers – M.Gonzalez, M.Vanden Bulcke, B.Vandevelde, E.Beyne, Y.Lee,
    B.Harkness, H.Meynen

    Crack and Delamination Risk Evaluation of Thin Silicon Applications based on
    Fracture Mechanics Approaches – J.Auersperg, D.Vogel, B.Michel


  • CHAPTER 8, Thermal Behavior Modeling and Characterization
    – Numerical Simulation and Experimental Verification of the Thermal Contact

    Properties of the Polymers Bonds – T.Falat, A.Wymyslowski, K.Friedel, J.Felba

    Experiments on Behaviour of Power Silicon PN Junctions under Reverse Bias Voltage
    at High Temperature – V.V.N.Obreja, C.Codreanu, K.Nuttall, O.Buiu

    Parameter Calibration on Post-ion-implantation Dopant Diffusions – J.Fu , W.Crans,

  • CHAPTER 9, Advanced Numerical Simulation MethodologiesAutomated FEM Mesh Optimization for Nonlinear Problems Based on Error Estimation
    – S.Rzepka

    Advanced Numerical Prototyping Methods in Modern Engineering Applications –
    W.D.van Driel, J.van de Peer, N.Tzannetakis, A.Wymyslowski, G.Q.Zhang

    Reliability-Based Design Optimization for Land Grid Array Solder Joints Under
    Thermo-Mechanical Load – Zhenxue Han, Bo Wang, Leon Xu, Tommi Reinikainen, Ren

    Finite Element Analysis of Ultra Thin BGA Package: First and Second Level Reliability
    – P.Limaye, B.Vandevelde, H.deVries, D.Degryse, K.Slob, C.van Veen, R.Labie

    Application of Simulation-based Decision Making in Product Development of an
    RF Module – M.Lindgren, I.Belov, M.Törnvall, P.Leisner


  • CHAPTER 10, Small Scale Thermal and Fluid Aspects
    in Microsystems

    Data on the Velocity Slip and Temperature Jump Coefficients – F.Sharipov

    Shear Driven Micro-Flows of Gaseous Mixtures – D.Valougeorgis, S.Naris

    Effect of Slip on Transient Liquid Flow Development in Micro-Channels – M.N.Sabry,
    A.R.Abdel-Rahim, M.H.Mansour

    Model Order Reduction of 3D Electro-Thermal Model for a Novel Micromachined

    Hotplate Gas Sensor – T.Bechtold, J.Hildenbrand, J.G.Korvink, J.Wollenstein

    Non-contact Thermal Conductivity Measurements of P-doped and N-doped Gold

    Covered Natural and Isotopically-Pure Silicon and their Oxides – M.G.Burzo,
    P.L.Komarov, P.E.Raad

  • CHAPTER 11, Modeling in Micro TechnologyDesign and analysis of novel glass WLCSP structure – Chang-Ann Yuan , Cheng
    Nan Han, Kou-Ning Chiang

    State of the Art in Prediction of Mechanical Behaviour of Microsystems – M.Lishchynska,
    N.Cordero, O.Slattery

    Behavioral VHDL-AMS Modeling of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Sensor – S.Megherbi,
    J.-C.Ginefri, L.Darrasse, G.Raynaud, J.-F.Pône

    3D-FEM Modelling of an Electro-Optical Micro-Shutter – P.Roux, E.Woirgard,

    Novel 2D Micronib Ionization Sources for Nano Electrospray-Mass Spectrometry
    (ESI-MS) – S.Le Gac, S.Arscott1, C.Rolando

  • CHAPTER 12, Designing for ReliabilityA Study of Cyclic Bending Reliability of Bare-die-type Chip-scale Packages
    – Yi-Shao Lai, Tong Hong Wang, Han-Hui Tsai, Jenq-Dah Wu

    Three-Dimensional Stress Analysis of Ink Marking Process – Chang-Lin Yeh1,
    Yi-Hsien Lin, Yi-Shao Lai, Hsiao-Chuang Chang, Jenq-Dah Wu

    Microprocessor Packaging Strategy: Reliability of various Flip Chip BGA

    Packages on different Printed Circuit Boards – A.Guilhaume, C.Munier, C.Allégret,

    Mechanism-Based Delamination Prediction During Reflow with Moisture

    Preconditioning – X.J.Fan, L.J.Ernst, G.Q.Zhang, W.van Driel

    Microstructural Stability and Failure Modes in Eutectic Sn-Ag-Cu Solder – M.A.Matin,
    W.P.Vellinga, and M.G.D.Geers

    Analysis of Thermal-Moisture Induced Failure of Pb-free Soldered IC Packages

    SMT Reflow Soldering Process – Ning Sun, Dachuan Lin, Daoguo Yang,

  • CHAPTER 13, Material Characterization and ModelingRupture Test on Polysilicon Films Through Electrostatic Actuation – F.Cacchione,
    B.De Masi, A.Corigliano, M.Ferrera

    Evaluation of the Primary and Secondary Creep of SnPb Solder Joint Using a
    Modified Grooved-lap Test Specimen – S.Déplanque, W.Nüchter, B.Wunderle, H.Walter,

    Numerical Simulation and Experimental Verification of the Piezoresistivity
    Phenomenon for the Printed Thick-Film Piezoresitors – A.Wymyslowski, M.Santo –
    Zarnik, K.Friedel, D.Belavi?c

    Void Formation in a Copper-Via-Structure Depending on the Stress Free Temperature
    and Metallization Geometry – K.Weide, D.Dalleau, Y.Danto, H.Fremont

    Mechanical Characterisation of SiLK by Nanoindentation and Substrate Curvature
    Techniques – V.Gonda, K.M.B.Jansen, L.J.Ernst, Jaap den Toonder, G.Q.Zhang

    Cantilever Microbeams: Modelling of the Dynamical Behaviour and Material Characterization
    – R.Yahiaoui, A.Bosseboeuf

    A Novel Tool for Cure Dependent Viscoelastic Characterization of Packaging
    Polymers – C.van ’t Hof, L.J.Ernst, K.M.B.Jansen, D.G.Yang, H.J.L.Bressers, G.Q.Zhang

  • CHAPTER 14, Modeling of MEMS and Optical DevicesHardware Description Language Modeling of an Electrostatically Actuated bi-axial
    Micromirror – F.Parrain, S.Megherbi, G.Raynaud, H.Mathias, J.Gilles, A.Bosseboeuf,
    G.Schröpfer, P. Cusin, N.Faure

    Polymer Waveguide and VCSEL Array Multi-Physics Modelling for OECB Based Optical
    Backplanes – D.Gwyer, P.Missebrook, C.Bailey, P.P.Conway, K.Williams

    Determination of Residual Stress in Glass Frit Bonded MEMS by Finite Element
    Analysis  – M.Ebert, J.Bagdahn

  • CHAPTER 15, Simulation-Based Thermal Design StrategiesA Computer-Architecture Approach to Thermal Management in Computer Systems:
    Opportunities and Challenges – K.Skadron, M.R.Stan, W.Huang, Zhijian Lu, K.Sankaranarayanan,

    Tri-dimensional reduced-order Thermal Model of Stacked Electronic Structures
    – V.Feuillet, V.Gatto, Y.Scudeller, Y.Jarny

    Thermal Modeling for Power MOSFETs in DC-DC Applications – Y.Bulut, K.Pandya

  • CHAPTER 16, Solder Reliability BehaviorReliability of SnPb and Pb-Free Flip-Chips under Different Test Conditions
    – M.Spraul, W.Nüchter, A.Möller, B.Wunderle, B.Michel

    Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of 95.5Sn-4Ag-0.5Cu Solder
    Balls by Nano-Indentation – M.Erinç, P.Schreurs, G.Q.Zhang, W.D.van Driel, M.Geers

    Modeling Stress Strain Curves For Lead Free 95.5Sn-3.8Ag-0.7Cu Solder – J.H.L.Pang,
    B.S.Xiong and T.H.Low

    Effect of Different Temperature Cycle Profiles on the Crack Propagation and
    Microstructural Evolution of Real Lead Free Joints of Different Electronic Components
    – C.Andersson, D.Andersson, P-E Tegehall , Johan Liu

    A Review of Creep Fatigue Failure Models in Solder Material – Simplified Use
    of a Continuous Damage Mechanical Approach – G.Massiot, C.Munier

  • CHAPTER 17, CFD and FE Modeling of Thermal PerformanceThermal and Flow Analysis of SiC-Based Gas Sensors for Automotive Applications
    – I.Below, P.Leisner, H.Wingbran, A.L.Spetz, H.Sundgren, B.Thuner, H.Svenningstorp,
    P. Leisner

    Low Reynolds Number Turbulence Models for Accurate Thermal Simulations of Electronic
    Components – K Dhinsa, C Bailey, K Pericleous

    Thermal Testing of a 3-Die Stacked Chip Scale Package Including Evaluation
    of Simplified and Complex Package Geometry Finite Element Models – B.A.Zahn

    Thermal Analysis of QFN Packages Using Finite Element Method – C.L.Chang, Y.Y.Hsieh

    Experimental Study on Visualization of a Longitudinal Heat Sink with Top-mounted
    Fan by Particle Tracking – J.H.Jang


  • CHAPTER 18, Micro- to Macro-Scale Thermal Design
    Challenges in Microelectronics

    Modeling Heat Transfer and Liquid Flow in Micro-Channels – M.N.Sabry, B.O.Djebedjian,
    S.H.Saleh, M.M.Mahgoub

    Cooling Problems and Thermal Issues in High Power Electronics: a Multi-Faceted
    Design Approach – M.Behnia, L.Maguire ,G.Morrison

    Design Challenges for High-Performance Heat Sinks used in Microelectronic Equipment:
    Evolution and Future Requirements – P.Rodgers, V.Eveloy

  • CHAPTER 19, Solder FatigueA Mechanics-Based Strain Gage Methodology for Direct Solder Joint Reliability
    Assessment – L.L.Mercado, S.Girouard, G.Hsieh

    Microstructural Behaviour of Solder Alloys – R.L.J.M.Ubachs, P.J.G.Schreurs,

    Flip Chip Solder Joint Fatigue Analysis Using 2D and 3D FE Models – A.Yeo,
    C.Lee, J.H.L.Pang

    Thermal Fatigue Modelling for SnAgCu and SnPb Solder Joints – R.Dudek, H.Walter,
    R.Doering, B.Michel

    Thermal Cycling Reliability of SnAgCu and SnPb Solder Joints: A Comparison
    for Several IC-Packages – B.Vand?Gevelde, M.Gonzalez, P.Limaye, P.Ratchev, E.Beyne


  • CHAPTER 20, Characterization and Modeling of Polymer

    Molecular Modeling Studies of IC Barrier Concerns – N.Iwamoto

    Molecular Simulation of Cu-SAM Adhesion Force – H.Fan, C.K.Wong, M.M.F.Yuen

    Cure, Temperature and Time dependent Constitutive Modeling of Moulding Compounds
    – K.M.B.Jansen, L.Wang, D.G.Yang, C.van `t Hof, L.J.Ernst, H.J.L.Bressers, G.Q.Zhang

    Simulation of No-Flow Underfill Process for Flip-Chip Assembly – A.Kolbeck,
    T.Hauck, J.Jendrny, O.Hahn, Rolf Mahnken

    Mechanical Properties of Molding Compounds (MCs) under Different Moisture Conditions
    and in a Wide Temperature Range – W.H.Zhu, S.L.Gan, C.L.Toh


  • CHAPTER 21, New Developments in Microelectronics

    Challenges of Thermomechanical Design and Modeling of Ultra Fine-Pitch Wafer
    Level Packages – A.A.O.Tay

    Topography and Deformation Measurement under Thermomechanical Stress – R.Fayolle,

    Reliability of Interfaces for Lead-Free Solder Bumps – R.L.H.Shih, D.Y.K.Lau,
    R.W.M.Kwok, M.Li, M.K.W.Sun

    From Chemical Building Blocks of Polymers to Microelectronics Reliability –
    H.J.L.Bressers, W.D.van Driel, K.M.B.Jansen, L.J.Ernst and G.Q.Zhang