EuroSimE 2002 was locally organised by MTA in the Salons du Cercle Républicain, Paris, France

Proceedings of EuroSimE 2002 – Paris, France, April 2002

Proceedings of EuroSimE 2002.
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  1. Keynote: The Sixth Framework Programme of the European Community for
    Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities (2002 –

    H. Frima, Scientific Officer, GROWTH Programme, European Commission

  2. Keynote: Economics of Physical Edge Technologies

    W. Klingenstein, Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany

  3. Keynote: Trends in Packaging Technologies

    E.G.Bagerman (Philips Semiconductors, Nijmegen, the Netherlands)

  4. Keynote: Packaging in the world of ambient intelligence

    R. Mertens, Vice President of IMEC and head of Materials, Components
    and Packaging division, (IMEC, Leuven, Belgium)

  5. Keynote: The Physics-of-Failure Approach at University of Maryland
    for Developing Reliable Electronic Products

    H. Dasgupta (University of Maryland, USA)

  6. Keynote: The State-of-the-Art of Interconnection Technology: Process,
    Testing, and Design

    Z.P. Wang (Gintic Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Singapore)

  7. Keynote: Next-Generation Microsystems Packaging and Virtual Thermo-Mechanical
    Reliability Testing

    S.K. Sitaraman (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA)

  8. Keynote: Multi-Physics Modeling in Virtual Prototyping of Electronic
    Packages – Combined Thermal, Thermo-Mechanical and Vapor Modeling

    X.J. Fan (Philips Research, New York, USA), G.Q.Zhang (Philips
    CFT, Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

  9. Virtual Prototyping of the Ceramic Pressure Sensor

    K.P. Friedel, A. Wymyslowski (Wroclaw University of Technology,
    Wroclaw, Poland),M.S. Zarnik (Josef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

  10. The Unbalanced Mold Flow Prediction of a TQFP Package by C-Mold Simulation
    with Virtual Design of Experiment (DOE)

    T.Y. Lin (Agere Systems Singapore Pte Ltd., Singapore)

  11. a46Parametric FE-Approach to Flip Chip Reliability under various Loading

    B. Wunderle, W. Nüchter, A. Schubert, B. Michel, H. Reichl (Robert
    Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany / Fraunhofer Institut Zuverlässigkeit und
    Mikrointegration, Berlin, Germany)

  12. Keynote: Lead-free Solder Interconnects -Characterization, Testing
    and Reliability

    A. Schubert, R. Dudek, H. Walter, E. Auerswald, A. Gollhardt,
    B. Michel (Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration,
    Berlin, Germany),B. Schuch (Conti TEMIC microelectronic GmbH, Nürnberg,

  13. Extension of Darveaux’s Approach For A Double-Sided Mirror-Imaged Flip
    Chip BGA Assembly

    S. Sethuraman and A.C. Shiah (Solectron Technology Center, Solectron
    Corp., Milpitas, CA, USA)

  14. Time-independent Elastic-Plastic Behaviour of Solder Materials

    S. Wiese, E. Meusel (Technical University of Dresden, Dresden,

  15. Semi-analytical Model for Calculation of Induced Strains in Solder
    Joints of Underfilled Flip Chip Assemblies

    B. Vandevelde, E. Beyne, D. Vandepitte and M. Baelmans (IMEC/
    Catholic Univ. of Leuven, Belgium)

  16. Keynote: Dynamic Compact Thermal Models for a Ultra Thin Chip Stacking

    J. Palacín, M. Salleras, S. Marco (University of Barcelona,
    Spain)A. Marty, J. Tasselli (LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France)R. Vanhoof, E.
    Beyne (IMEC, Leuven, Belgium)O. Vendier, A. Coello-Vera (ALCATEL SPACE
    Industries, Toulouse, France)

  17. Numerical Heat Transfer Predictive Accuracy for an In-Line Array of
    Board-Mounted PQFP Components in Natural and Mixed Convection Flows

    V. Eveloy, P. Rodgers (Electronics Thermal Management Ltd.,
    Mayo, Ireland)J. Lohan (Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Dublin Road,
    Galway, Ireland)

  18. Modeling of Micro-channel Cooling of an Opto-Electronic Package

    C. Xia, (Coherent Inc. Santa Clara, CA, USA)X. H. Sun, R. (Fluent
    Inc., Santa Clara, CA, USA)

  19. Numerical Simulation of Thermophotovoltaic (TPV) Systems

    N. Cordero, R. Ginige, B. Corbett and K. Kennedy (NMRC, University
    College, Cork, Ireland)

  20. Piezoelectric Resonating Structures for Microelectronic Cooling

    Tao Wu, P. I. Ro, A. Kingon, J. Mulling, (North Carolina State
    University, Raleigh, NC, USA)

  21. Keynote: inv14Multimedia Modules for Microelectronics Packaging Education
    – the IEEE and NSF initiatives

    P. Wesling (Compaq Computer,Cupertino, USA and Vice President
    of Publications of the Components, Packaging & Manufacturing Technology
    (CPMT) Society of IEEE)

  22. Keynote: Multi-scale Mechanics in Micro-Electronics: a Paradigm in

    M.G.D. Geers, W.A.M. Brekelmans, V. Kouznetsova (Eindhoven University
    of Technology / Netherlands Institute for Metals Research, Eindhoven,
    The Netherlands)

  23. Solders Fatigue Prediction using Interfacial Boundary Volume Parameter

    X.J. Zhao, G.Q. Zhang, J.F.J. Caers, (Philips CFT, Singapore
    / The Netherlands)L.J. Ernst (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)

  24. Validation of Non-Conformal Meshing Approach Using a System Level CFD

    C. Helquist, G.V. S.hankaran, K.V.Karimanal, M. J. Ellsworth
    (Fluent / IBM, USA)

  25. A Micro-mechanics Approach for Polymeric Material Failures in Microelectronic

    X.J. Fan (Philips Research USA, New York, USA) G.Q. Zhang (Philips-CFT,
    Eindhoven, The Netherlands) L. J. Ernst (Delft University of Technology,
    Delft, The Netherlands)

  26. Power Cycling Analysis of BGA Assemblies

    P. Myllykoski (Nokia Mobile Phones, Helsinki, Finland),B. Rodgers
    (University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland),T. Reinikainen (Nokia Mobile
    Phones, Irving, Texas, USA)

  27. Including the board in the junction temperature estimate

    H.J. Eggink – Philips CFT, Eindhoven

  28. Analysis of Dimensionless Correlation and Optimal Structure for Natural
    Convection Cooling Board

    Tohru Nakanishi and Koki Shimohashi, (IBM Japan Ltd. Yasu, Japan)

  29. Computer Simulation of a Pin-Fin Heat Sink with Fluid Cooling for Semiconductor

    I.Khorunzhii, H. Gabor, R. Job, W.R. Fahrner, H. Baumann (University
    of Hage / Bombardier Transportation, Germany)

  30. The effect of various transverse accelerations and their induced body
    forces on cooling performance of a helically grooved heat pipe (HGHP)

    H.Shokouhmand , M.Amin (University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran)

  31. Keynote: Modeling of Interfacial Delamination in IC Packages

    A.A.O. Tay (National University of Singapore)

  32. Keynote: Effect of Moisture Absorption on the Interfacial Adhesion
    of the Underfill / Solder Mask Interface

    T. Ferguson and J. Qu (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta,

  33. The Effect of Interface Models on the Interface Stresses Between a
    Thin Oxide Layer and a Substrate

    Y.T. He, G.Q. Zhang, L.J. Ernst (Northwestern Polytechnical
    University, Xi’an, China / Philips-Cft, Eindhoven The Netherlands / Delft
    University of Technology, The Netherlands)

  34. Computational Simulation of the Microwave Cure of Conductive Adhesives
    and Underfills

    G.P. Glinski and C. Bailey (University of Greenwich, UK)

  35. Studies on Moisture Diffusion and Popcorn Cracking

    R. Dudek, H. Walter and B. Michel (Fraunhofer Institute for
    Reliability and Micro-integration (IZM), Berlin, Germany)

  36. a13Keynote: Thermal Characterization of GaAs Microwave Power Transistors

    G. Hanreich, M. Mayer and J. Nicolics (Vienna University of
    Technology, Vienna, Austria)

  37. Keynote: Thermal Modeling of an Integrated Radiation Thermopile Sensor
    based on a Micro Machined Multilayer Dielectric Membrane

    C. Calaza, M. Moreno, S. Marco (University of Barcelona, Spain),L.
    Fonseca, C. Cané, I. Gràcia (Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica, Barcelona,
    Spain),J. Y. Fourniols, G. Soto Romero, F. Bony (LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse,

  38. Thermal Performance Optimization of Leadless CSP for RFIC Applications

    Z. Shi, A. Chee W. Lu (Gintic Institute of Manufacturing Technology,
    Singapore)C.K. Wang (United Test and Assembly Center, Singapore)

  39. User Friendly Tools for the Thermal Simulation and Modeling of Electronic

    V. Székely, M. Rencz , A. Poppe, G. Farkas (Technical University
    of Budapest / MicReD, Budapest, Hungary)

  40. Transient Thermoelectric Response of Semiconductor Devices

    T. Hauck, T. Bohm (Motorola GmbH, Muenchen, Germany)

  41. Techniques for Simulation of Thermo-Mechanical Stresses in Micro-Electronics

    Stuart Hall, Flomerics

  42. Advances in Package Modelling Using Icepak V4.0

    Russel King, Fluent Europe

  43. Thermal and Mechanical Analysis with MSC.Marc: Advanced simulation
    for electronic industry

    Christophe Noiret, MSC Software France

  44. Fluid-Structure interaction with FEMLAB

    Eric Favre, Comsol France

  45. Abaqus: Features & Applications for the Electronic Industry

    Frans Peeters, ABAQUS Europe BV

  46. Keynote: Viscoelastic Characterisation of thin SiLK Films using Nano-Indentation
    and Modeling

    J. den Toonder, Y. Ramone, A. van Dijken, J. Beijer, G.Q. Zhang
    (Philips Research / Philips CFT, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  47. Electrical Characterization of Isotropic Conductive Adhesive under
    Mechanical Deformation

    Zhimin Mo, Xitao Wang, Tiebing Wang, Shiming Li, Zonghe Lai
    and Johan Liu (Chalmers University of Technology, Mölndal, Sweden)

  48. Representing the Viscoelastic Behaviour of Die Attach Adhesives in
    Electronic Packages; Approach and Consequence

    N. Zahlan, P.J. Dooling, M. Bell (ICI Strategic Technology Group,
    Wilton, UK)G.D. Friesen (Ablestik Laboratories, Rancho Dominguez, California,

  49. The State-of-the-Art of Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of thin
    Polymer Films

    K.M.B. Jansen , V. Gonda, L.J. Ernst (Delft University of Technology,
    The Netherlands)C. Pelletier, H.J.L. Bressers, G.Q. Zhang (Philips, The

  50. Keynote: Impact of Flip-Chip Packaging on Copper Low-k Structures for
    the 0.13-Micron Technology

    L.L. Mercado, Shun-Meen Kuo, and C. Goldberg (Motorola Inc.,
    Tempe, AZ, USA)

  51. 3-D Time-depending Simulation of Voids formation in a SWEAT Metallization

    D. Dalleau, K. Weide-Zaage (Laboratorium für Informationstechnologie,
    Hannover, Germany)

  52. Bond Pad Pitch Reduction Down to 40 mm: Influence on Solder Joint Fatigue
    for Flip Chip Structures

    D. Degryse, R. Labie, B. Vandevelde and E. Beyne ( IMEC, Leuven,

  53. Flip-Chip Organic Substrate with Metal Columns for high I/O and large
    size IC chip

    J.J.D. Lan, J. Chang and P. Lu (Kinsus Corporation, Santa Clara,
    CA, USA)Yu-Po Wang (Siliconware Precision Industrial Co., Ltd., Santa
    Clara, CA, USA)

  54. Keynote: Failure Mechanisms in Plastic Packages ICs

    J. Bisschop (Philips Semiconductors, Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

  55. Residual Stresses in Microelectronics induced by Thermoset Packaging
    Materials during Cure

    M.H.H. Meuwissen, H.A. de Boer, H.L.A.H. Steijvers (TNO Institute
    of Industrial Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands)P.J.G. Schreurs,
    M.G.D. Geers (Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

  56. FE-Reliability Simulation of Laser Joined Contacts in Electronics Production

    M. Fleckenstein, A. Komlódi (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg,
    Erlangen, Germany)

  57. Keynote: Advances in Vapour Pressure Modeling in Electronic Packaging

    E. H. Wong, S.W.Koh, K.H.Lee, K.M.Lim (Institute of Microelectronics,

  58. Cooperation between the FEM Simulation and the Practical Investigations
    on Test- and Product-Boards, with regard to new PCB Assembly Technology
    & Materials and their Reliability

    H.J. Albrecht, B. Schwarz (Siemens, Berlin, Germany)

  59. Prediction and Verification of Process-Induced Thermal Deformation
    of Electronic Packages using Nonlinear FEM and 3D Interferometry

    G.Q. Zhang, J. Janssen (Philips CFT, Eindhoven, The Netherlands),W.D.
    van Driel, J.Janssen (Philips Semiconductors, Nijmegen, The Netherlands)S.
    Fei and S. Yi (Nanyang Technological University,Singapore) L.J. Ernst
    (Delft University of Technology)

  60. Optimal Thermo-Structural Analysis for CSP/FCA/MCM Mounting on Build-up

    Tohru Nakanishi and Toshihiko Nisho (IBM Japan Ltd. Ichimiyake,
    Yasu-cho, Yasu-gun, Shiga-ken, Japan)