EuroSimE 2000 was locally organised and hosted by Philips CFT in Philips Evoluon Center, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Proceedings of EuroSimE 2000 – Eindhoven, The Netherlands, March 2000

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The book contains only a few of the papers that were presented.

  1. Simulation in the industry

    B.Schwarz, H-J.Albrecht, G.Petzold, J.Deliga, C.Wegener, Siemens
    AG Berlin

  2. Thermal and Mechanical Problems in Microelectronics

    O.F.Slattery, G.Kelly, J.Greer, NMRC Ireland

  3. Solder material Characterization and Modelling

    S.Wiese, F.Feustel, E.Meusel, TU Dresden

  4. Polymer Material Characterization and Modeling

    L.J.Ernst, TU Delft

  5. Generic Issues in Numerical Modelling

    S.H.Pulko, University of Hull

  6. Modeling of Vapor Pressure during Reflow for Electronic packages

    Xue-Jun Fan, Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore

  7. Simulation for fatigue, Cracks and Delamination

    R.Dudek, J.Auersperg, B.Michel, Fraunhofer Institute IZM, Berlin

  8. Experimental validation of Finite Element Modeling

    D.Vogel, C.Jian, Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin; I.De Wolf, IMEC

  9. Perspectives of Non-Linear Simulation

    M.A.Crisfield, A.J.Burnton, Imperial College, London

  10. Simulation-based Optimization in Virtual Thermomechanical Prototyping
    of Electronic Packages

    G.Q.Zhang, Philips-CFT, Eindhoven; H.P.Stehouwer, CQM, Eindhoven

  11. Thermal Fatigue Reliability Optimisation of Flip Chip Assemblies

    B.Vandevelde, E.Beyne, IMEC

  12. Product and Process Optimization with Simulation

    D.den Hertog, Tilburg University, The Netherlands; P.Stehouwer,
    CQM, The Netherlands